Here at Battery Charged we offer a range of 12v Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters up to 3000 watts

A Power Inverter changes direct current (DC) power from a 12V battery, into conventional mains alternating current (AC) power at 230V. This means that you can use an Inverter to operate all kinds of devices including; computers, lights, kitchen appliances, power tools, radios, TV’s and much more.

Pure sine wave inverters (also known as true sine wave) are also suitable for sensitive electrical devices such as laser printers, inductive devices (ballast, compressor, AC motor), variable speed control devices and audio equipment.

Just connect the inverter to a battery and plug your AC devices into the inverter and you've got portable power whenever and wherever you need it Pure-Sine-Wave-Inverter-Range.

The inverter draws its power from a 12V battery (preferably deep-cycle). The battery will need to be recharged as the power is drawn out of it by the inverter. This can be done by running the car or lorry motor or a generator, solar panels or wind turbine. Or you can use a battery charger plugged into an AC outlet to recharge the battery.

Pure Sine-Wave Inverters provide exceptional output using a more sophisticated design, this is in order to simulate the smooth output of standard mains power. As most electrical products are designed to be powered by mains, pure sine-wave inverters are suitable for 99% of all applications, especially motorised devices where it is proven that pure sine-wave power will lengthen the products lifetime and run much quieter.

Output power choices

The output power you require depends on the power (Watts) of devices that you want to run. The power information of most devices can usually be found on a specification label on the product or packaging, if you have any uncertainty please contact the retailer or customer service department of the manufacturer. We recommend you choose an inverter with 20 to 50% extra of total power required and with minimum of twice the power of the largest device you will be using.

The reason for requiring twice the largest power device is that the power rating on any device is based on continuous power. When an electronic device is starting up, there is a surge of current. This power surge is normally two times, but can be up to seven times (such as ac motors) of the rated continuous power, therefore choosing an inverter with a higher power output will reduce the risk or damaging your electrical items, power supply or the inverter itself.



You want to power a Microwave, some lights and a radio with power as below.

  • Microwave - 1000W
  • Radio – 10W
  • Lights 2 x 60W – 120W
  • Combined Total Power Required = 1130W

For this application, an inverter with minimum power of 2000W is recommended. As 2000W is twice the power of the highest power device and the total power of 1130W is still within the maximum power rating of the inverter. Of course it will be more ideal to move one step up and choose a 2500W inverter which would allow for additional devices to be powered or added on in the future.

If you’re unsure which Inverter is suitable for your application, please refer to the Power Inverters Info Sheet for guidance. If you need any additional help please get in touch with our technical and sales team for advice.

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