The basic difference between a Leisure battery and a starter battery is that a Leisure battery is designed to provide steady power over a long period of time and then be recharged (known as a "cycle"). Leisure batteries can be Dual Purpose, providing the cranking power to start an engine and the cyclic ability to run electrical products within a motor home, caravan or boat.

It is imperative that you fit the correct leisure battery to your vehicle or equipment. Some electrical equipment, such as a caravan motor mover, will drain a battery very quickly. You should choose a battery with the commensurate Amp/Hour rating to your needs, bearing in mind that the battery will need to physically fit into your battery box.

All Leisure and deep cycle batteries are designed to be recharged time and again – and it is imperative that you have the correct charger for your battery. Undercharging or overcharging a battery will certainly lead to early failure.

We supply a range of Leisure and Deep Cycle batteries from Shield and Crown as well as having access to specialised Leisure, AGM, Spiral and deep cycle batteries from other manufacturers.

  • Advanced semi-traction technology
  • Convenient carrying handles.
  • Featuring a magic eye, enabling easy battery condition check.
  • Manufactured with robust polypropylene case.
  • Standard post & threaded stud terminals.
  • MF Leisure - sealed & maintenance free
  • Vibration resistant

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