Welcome to our Optima® battery section. OPTIMA® high-performance AGM batteries aren’t like any other batteries in the world. The exclusive SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® design is among the most advanced commercially available lead-acid battery technologies out there.

It delivers an incredibly strong and clean power source that can’t be touched by today’s lead-acid batteries. With OPTIMA® Batteries, you can count on longer-lasting battery life under both starting and deep-cycle applications. Oh, and did we mention the lead-acid batteries are vibration-resistant, spill-proof and built to last? So. Go ahead. Check out these batteries and find out which color top fits best under your hood.

  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • High vibration resistance
  • Improved cycle life
  • Extended storage life, high resistance to corrosion
  • Totally spill-proof, flexibility of fitment position and location Faster recharge, higher discharge performance
  • Improved performance in extremes of temperature

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