Here at BatteryCharged, we endeavour to ensure that you select the correct battery for your car. Our Car Database will enable you to select the make, model year and derivation of your car and find the correct battery for it. We do not supply cheap “knock-off” batteries, but high quality batteries from Shield and Duracell.

It should be noted that this database is a guide and that you should double check that the battery fitted to your car matches the one in this guide. If you are at all unsure, please contact us on 03300 412 187 for advice. The older your car is, the less accurate the database will be and you should note that many imports, especially of Japanese or American makes, could have distinctly unusual batteries fitted.

Please also note that if you have an AGM battery fitted to your car, you MUST replace like for like. As a rule of thumb, you can generally fit a more powerful battery but you should never fit a less powerful battery to your car.

As ever – if in any doubt, call 03300 412 187 for friendly professional advice.