Install Duracell Professional and the truck will reach its destination.

In order to perform daily in trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machinery, batteries have to be made out of something special!!


The power source that is Duracell Professional - available as HD/Heavy Duty and SHD/Super Heavy Duty - will reliably start every engine in all conditions, together with providing sufficient energy to the onboard vehicle systems.

The complete construction is based on absolute robustness. The SHD versions offer the highest safety features such as central venting and safety plugs. In addition, the 145/180/225Ah batteries feature the centrally vented 4-chamber flat lid, to prevent electrolyte leakage, which incorporates an intergral flame arrester for additional security.

Can't find what you're looking for? In most cases we are able to trace your vehicle by accessing an online database.  From here we can tell the make, model, engine size and equipment level of your car, mpv, 4x4 or van and match up the correct battery.

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